Peace Up

Our minds and unconscious are very impressionable to everything we see and hear. As mentioned in this work our minds think in pictures and that why I chose the title Make Love for Peace Instead of the old slogan Make Love, Not War. With symbolism it is the same, our consciousness is affected in different ways by what we see. So Peace Up brothers and sisters!

The most common explanation for the origin and meaning of the symbol comes from the start of the peace movement itself. That the symbol was designed in 1958 when Gerald Holtom combined the semaphore N with the semaphore D (“nuclear disarmament”) to symbolize the link between the end of nuclear weapons and the beginning of peace. The combined symbol is enclosed in a circle to represent “all encompassing” or “total”.

Some issues have been raised beyond this explanation, however. The first being the words from the designer himself.

After the symbol was designed, Holtom later wrote to Hugh Brock, editor of Peace News, explaining the scope of his idea in greater depth:

I was in despair. Deep despair. I drew myself: the representative of an individual in despair, with hands palm outstretched outwards and downwards in the manner of Goya’s peasant before the firing squad. I formalized the drawing into a line and put a circle round it.” -Wikipedia

Holtom eventually came to sincerely regret the symbol of despair and wanted the symbol to be inverted UPWARDS. In fact, for the remainder of his life he would only draw the upright peace symbol, and his last dying wish was that the upright version be placed on his tombstone. Unfortunately, his dying wish was ignored and the original was placed on it instead.

During WWII the “peace symbol” was used by Hitler’s 3rd Panzer Division from 1941 to 1945. The image is the regimental Third Panzer Division symbol. Soviet, Polish, and Hungarian citizens, having suffered from the Nazi massacres, undoubtedly struggled with use of the symbol as a thoughtful way to communicate peace. The symbol can also be found on some of Hitler’s SS soldiers’ tombstones. (Teaching Peace)

The peace symbol dates back to ancient times. The fifth and final Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, Nero (born Lucius Domitius Ahenabarbus 37 – 68 AD), is remembered in history for persecuting Christians. Nero’s rule was so cruel and wicked, that he even had his mother executed. The First Roman-Jewish War (66 – 70 AD) started during his reign and today the term “Nero Cross” [today's peace symbol] is the symbol of the “broken Jew” or the “broken cross.” It was used for centuries and was also adapted into satanic rituals.

This "peace" symbol has also been used on RUNES. 

Eolh Reversed Norse - unprotected, blame and caution

Yr (Armanen) Calc (Anglo Saxon)
The 'Death' rune can represent the Yew tree. The stave is its trunk and the limbs represent the trees branches. As this ancient tree was often found at pagan temples where Christians later built their churches, the Yew became associated with graveyards. The Anglo-Saxon Calc can refer to the chalice, and in esoteric circles Kalki the Avenger. Many equate the Avatar Kalki with Hitler. When the National Socialists decided to replace the Christian headstones with Pagan runes in the military cemeteries (which was far more fitting for the Warriors of the Waffen SS) there was at first an uncertainty as to which runes to use. In the end it was Himmler himself who decided to use the Yr-Death rune, but earlier graves were marked with Man (Life) and Tyr runes.

Eolh - Protection in the Norse alaphbet

This is the Armanen Man rune. It is clear how the rune depicts the image of Aryan Man. Upright and Noble - his arms open, welcoming the Light of a New Dawn. We know this rune by many names - the Life Rune, the Tree of Life, (also Algiz and Elhaz).

In this rune we see the true spirit of the Aryan. We stand upright and with open arms. This is the stance we take when we give thanks to our Gods and to the Sun. What kind of religion would have us cower on the floor in front of our maker? When we face our gods or welcome the sun, we do so as equals. They give us life! And as Nietzsche said “Pagans are all those who say yes to life!”

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