Sacred Touch Therapy Sessions

Sacred Touch Therapy Sessions can help with;

  • Releasing emotional pain and trauma.
  • Calming the mind and mental chatter.
  • Invoking feelings of safety and security.
  • Getting your touch needs met in a healthy way.

Sacred Touch Therapy is a combination of Holding therapy and Quantum Touch Energy healing. Using body awareness’s and breathing techniques the practitioner raises their vibration and through resonance and entrainment we can love ourselves into a better state, closer… if not all the way… to where we would like to be.

Through intention, loving touch and cuddling we are feeling and seeing ourselves through to where our issue is resolved.

We start the Sacred Touch Therapy session with affirmations honouring our divinity. We practice eye gazing and synchronizing the breath. Then we move into chosen snuggle formation, i.e. spooning.

Lying down in a safe space, where you are held lovingly in the arms of the practitioner. Feeling as though you are in the arms of the beloved, you are nurtured in a deep way. Getting to the core of your being you can decide what you are ready to let go of and transcend into the alchemy of spiritual fire for growth. With this transcendence you become the next best version of you.

To find out if Sacred Touch therapy is for you, try a free half hour session.

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