Goddess Time

With the work of Make Love for Peace, one of the goals is to bring back the natural order of things so we can be in the divine abundant flow that is our birthright. We would like to introduce you to some new or should I say old ways of being in the flow of things. The first thing we need to do is look at the way we live in time. Here is a lovely website that shows how to make a simple Lunar Calendar that children and adults alike can make and use to Keep the cycles of the moon.

This is a free resource that you can print and make for yourself or with your child. We have ours on our fridge.


Goddess Time – The Rhythm of the Cosmos

We use the free calendar from the Law of Time to keep us on track and to help us focus on the harmonics of the time so we can live in tune with the rhythms of nature.

This website about the law of time explains about the 13 Moon Calendar and the truth behind our natural divine feminine, goddess time. The 1st day of the 13 Moon Calendar falls on July 26, 2013. This how we chose the date for Make Love for Peace, celebrating the re-emergence of the secret Goddess number 13. For far too many years we have been out of sync with our sister the moon, to the point of denying her existence and hiding the fact that the moonths/months are named incorrectly and Ophiuchus  the 13th Constellation has been kept completely out of sight. Astrology is still not really recognized as a valid science by many mainstream scientists.

The Law of Time 7 year plan – Free Download

This Calendar helps us to be guided by the aspects that are present in the harmonic symphony of time. Each season with each rhyme and reason sings its praises to the Uni-verse – The collective One Song created by all of our individual frequencies and tones harmonizing together.

The beginning and end times of 10:00 and 10:10 were chosen to have equal representation of both the divine masculine and feminine to help bring balance back to our lives and the world. Shiva and Shakti, the I and the O.

If part of the song is left out we are incomplete.

“With every union, a new song is created, a new harmony – another octave of love.”

Make Love for Peace Day will be held on the Day Out of Time at the end of the 13th Moon Calendar, in goddess time. This allows us to join our energies with the many others around the world in our rainbow families of natural light and Love.

Mark your calendars! Starting at 10:00 AM or PM and culminating at 10:10 AM or PM in all time zones we will begin another wave of Love on July 25th!

joined hearts mandala

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