Bhakti Yoga Teacher

Priestess of Touch,

Tantra, and Bhakti Yoga Teacher specialized in Love, Relationship & Sacred Sexuality

~ Make Love for Peace.

Transformational Mentor for The Make Love for Peace Project and Author of the forthcoming book “Make Love for Peace” Cherie Ann Day is excited to share her journey with others. Her early life experience has afforded her a rich understanding of the human condition. She is committed to helping you Consciously Create your best life. Using proven time-tested techniques; she helps guide you to manifesting the Love and Life of your dreams.

Being an Energy Healer Instructing and Giving sessions in Quantum Touch™ gives Cherie great joy, it is her passion to share her gifts while helping you to uncover your own innate ability to heal, become whole and help yourself.

Cherie Ann is also currently working on a biography/self-help book and has written some inspirational children’s stories that offer metaphysical understanding. Poetry is what Cherie has used as a means to heal and to share her insights with others. From Without To Within was a potential winner of the Chapbook Award in 1999. 20 years of experience has awarded her several poetry awards, and her work published on the internet, CD’s as well as in several anthologies.

Cherie Ann has been on the spiritual path for many lifetimes and began this life having spiritual experiences from a young age. Cherie Ann searched many spiritual paths looking for the one that expressed the truth in her heart and came across the Philosophy of Yoga. Bhakti Yoga is the Yoga of love where we sing the divine name. Cherie has participated in Bhakti Yoga and different chanting and meditation groups, including Native Chanting and Universal Dances of Peace. Here she has been offering Seva (selfless service) for a number of years in many areas including lead chanting, Programing and as an EMCee.

As a Bhakti Yogini, Cherie prefers not to be attached to any group in particular, as she believes that the Great Spirit of the Mother / Father Creator dwells in all things.

While traveling to India to spend time with Amma the hugging saint, Cherie has had the good fortune to offer service to and receive many hugs from Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī.

Cherie has been inspired by many Masters, received Shaktipat from Bhagawan Nityananda and more recently an initiation from Sadguru Mangeshda in the Kriya Yoga lineage of Babaji.

For as long as she can remember she has had communications with Animals and Nature in a Shamanic and Native style.

She is proud of her roots of Social activism from her grandmother Jean Duncan Day working toward equality for all. As well as her Mother Charlene Day for her work with the environment and personal health and well being.