Make Love for Peace – Table of Contents

Make Love for Peace – Table of Contents, Chapter outline. The steps to learning about Creating Consciously & Manifesting Magic, using sexual energy to heal.


Make Love for Peace, Book – Table of Contents


Chapter 1: A Global Peace Project

Chapter 2: Your Energetic Self

Chapter 3: How Energy Works in the Universe

Chapter 4: The Creation Process

Chapter 5: Creating Consciously

Chapter 6: Casting Spells

Chapter 7: Her-Story – The Divine Feminine and Natural Cycles

Chapter 8: Loving Yourself, Loving Others – Sacred Touch Snuggle Parties

Chapter 9: Embracing Your Sexuality – Love Making Secrets of the East and West, Magic and Tantra

Join us on the Day Out of Time – Creating Consciously a more nurturing planet!

The goal of Pacha Mama is to Co-create an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on the planet. <3

Participate in Make Love for Peace Day

Please register, so we can know how many people are participating in the Make Love for Peace virtual event. This helps us to gauge our impact on our communities and the world. Once you register you will receive your affirmations and manifesting ritual.

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