Make Love for Peace – Table of Contents

Make Love for Peace – Table of Contents, Chapter outline. The steps to learning about Creating Consciously & Manifesting Magic, using sexual energy to heal.


Make Love for Peace, Book – Table of Contents


Chapter 1: A Global Peace Project

Chapter 2: Your Energetic Self

Chapter 3: How Energy Works in the Universe

Chapter 4: The Creation Process

Chapter 5: Creating Consciously

Chapter 6: Patriarchal Spells, Breaking Free of the Matrix

Chapter 7: Her-Story – The Divine Feminine and Natural Cycles

Chapter 8: Loving Yourself, Loving Others – Sacred Touch Snuggle Parties

Chapter 9: Love Making Secrets of the East and West, Magic and Tantra

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The goal of Pacha Mama is to Co-create an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on the planet. <3

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