Back Page Copy – Make Love for Peace


Love is the Greatest Power

 The Wiccan’s say “Love is the Law, Do what ye will but harm none.” They honour the God & Goddess together.  In the Yogic tradition, it is said “I am that I am” and “See God in Each Other” The Yogis and Yoginis’ are always searching for the “beloved”, the pure eternal love that lives within all of us.  All the Hindu deities have a “beloved”.  Many traditions have mystic ways that know and illustrate the connection between us and “all that is”.  This book is a basic guide intended to provide the tools to connect with that essence more often and even all the time, if you wish.

Love has impact and affects you and those around you all the time.   Most of us do not realize how our thoughts and emotions are creative and ultimately become manifest.   In Make Love for Peace, this knowledge is imparted in an experiential way, so that you, the reader can use the information to consciously create a life desired and deserved.

Can you imagine a world where:

  • Honesty and integrity abounds?
  • Both women and men are honored and equally respected?
  • All beings “know” we are connected?
  • We all can live sustainable and socially fulfilling lives?
  • Everyone is creating consciously?

J U S T   Imagine.  .  .