Make Love for Peace

Welcome Beautiful Hearts!

Make Love for Peace is for both singles and couples. Everyone can benefit from the knowledge and application of this project.

Each year on July 25th, The Day-Out-Of Time, according to the Mayan Calendar we gather in sacred union with the divine and each other.

Once registered you will be a given a free sample ceremony/ ritual to help you to raise your vibration and focus on the vision and feeling of a nurturing, sustainable, loving world! Feel free to use your own personalized practice. The Mini Moment  Practice and the guided meditation can be used anytime as a personal daily, weekly or monthly practice. Especially on the New and Full Moons it is a more power time to co-create in ceremony. 

Make Love for Peace ~ 

Healing the World One Heart at a Time.

Will you be the 1 that brings us to the 51% of Critical mass?

Please Sign up below, for your free sample ceremony.

Please register above to participate in the Make Love for Peace Project and add your energy to the unified intent on July 25th, every year. On the day out of Time. Your information will be kept completely confidential and is only used to give reminders and valuable content for the project. It also helps to see the how the numbers affect the results.

The guided meditation below is for those of you who are not able to participate fully in the Make Love for Peace event.
You can started at 10 AM and it will finish at approximately 10:10. Wherever you are find a quiet place where you can sit down for 10 minutes, and add your energy into the space of peace and love, for a world that works for everyone. Please check out the website for more resources when you have a chance. You can use this meditation daily, whenever you feel like getting into a space of peace and love and sending out positive intent intentions for the whole world. But especially use it every year at this time, on the day out of time.

Will you be?