The Divine Feminine

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In the Year of the Goddess, 13, 13, 13, in Honour of the Divine Feminine as the Mayan long count calendar culminated its 13th B’ak’tun cycle, We launched Make Love for Peace™ on July 9th 2014, we are now in our 9th year.

Make Love for Peace™ is transforming sexual energy into the manifested desires of a peaceful and loving world.

Beginning at 10:00 AM on the Day Out of Time, July 25th  we will be releasing our orgasmic, loving energy at 10:10 both AM and PM if you are able. Plan and prepare which time will fit better into your schedule and choose that time to participate with you or Meditation or Ceremony.


Cum together, right now, over me!

(Not literally, 😉 )

There are many ways to participate.

This is a short video on the MLFP Mini Moment Ritual. It is an overview without the details, sign up below to get the details, so we can all practice to Make Love for Peace on July 25th @ 10:01 to 10:11 AM and PM in all time zones! This is our second annual Make Love for Peace Day, join us in creating an orgasmic wave of love all over the world! Please like and share to help make this the biggest quantum physics experiment in herstory! 

2013 marked the dawn of a new era. The Mayan long count calendar culminated its 13th B’ak’tun cycle, and a new one began! The potential of what we create is in our hands. As the Maya and many indigenous elders say, it is a time to reestablish our connection with the Earth and to open our hearts to the wisdom of the feminine in order to restore a balance between the divine masculine and divine feminine energies.

The year 2013 is symbolic in that the number 13 has always been associated with the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. After a very transformational 2012, we are ready to step forward with our hearts and forge new pathways for ourselves and future generations. Here is some inspiration I gathered about the symbolism of the number 13, and the energy supporting the Feminine to come forth and bring her healing hands upon the planet.

First from Meryl Ann Butler from OpEdNews.Com:

“Thirteen is…the number traditionally associated with the Divine Feminine. In ancient times there were thirteen ‘moonths’ in a year, since there are thirteen full moons, and therefore thirteen menstrual cycles annually. The thirteenth letter of the alphabet is M, a letter associated with many things feminine, including mother, mom, mama, mammary glands, menstruation and one of the most powerful feminine archetypes in the world, the Virgin Mary.”

From Shekinah Rose from

“13 is ‘The Return of the Goddess in all things’“…The Sacred Power of 13 brings and carries the frequency resonance of Transcendence of matter and the embodiment of ascension, the new earth frequency code, Unity and Oneness, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Shekinah and Sophia; natural rhythms coming into balance and sacred order; taking back your power through the sacred divine feminine…” “13 is a unifying vibration, it is the Christ with the 12 disciples.” “There are 13 lunar cycles in a solar year that honor the sacred divine feminine…13 was the sacred number of the ancient Egyptians, part of the sacred geometry of Creation to activate their sacred light body.” “The Mayans, many Native Americans, Lemurians, Atlanteans and ancient sacred cultures used the holy code frequency of 13.” “The turtle represents the primordial goddess of 13; many turtles have 13 segments on their shells.” “…13 has a secret divine power and esoteric frequency of the Mother essence to transform all things. In the past, the 13 number vibration was one of fear. As the power elite of the time wanted to steer you away from its true direct connection with source creation. It is why they distorted the truth creating instant fright around 13.” ”Your indigenous and ancient cultures used a different system of time and communion with the cosmos, life and Spirit that was more in tune to the natural rhythms of Creation and heartbeat of Gaia. This holy way of balance is returning through the great shift of the ages. The 13 vibration is a part of the holy alignment and healing.”