Mini Moment Ritual


Mini Moment Ritual,

Above is a short video on the MLFP Mini Moment Ritual. This is an overview without the details, so we can all practice to Make Love for Peace on July 25th @ 10:00 to 10:10 AM and PM in all time zones! This is our inaugural event, join us in creating an orgasmic wave of love all over the world! Please like and share to help make this the biggest quantum physics experiment in herstory! 

If you are at this Page then you signed up for details on the previous page and have confirmed you are over the age of 18.

Below are the details  and various ways to perform the Make Love for Peace Mini Moment Ritual.

The Mini Moment Ritual is a quick solo practise that you can do every day, weekly or monthly. It can be done with a partner but it is not necessary.

It is a fast and furious way to manifest your desires. Yes we do want you to go blind with the light of your divine self!

On Make Love for Peace Day we will all be focusing on a more loving, socially just and sustainable world. Through out the year this can be a daily practice to help you heal and create personal needs as well as global needs.

So this is Step 1 Figure out your intention. This, you need to do ahead of time so you get really clear on on it, especially if you are working with a partner. Start to see and feel this as a reality. You can write it down, have a picture of it or the person it is for. You can have a magical word or phrase that is repeated especially at the time of climax.

Step 2 Prepare Your Space. You will maybe want to do some of this before so it is ready when you are! We also focus on clearing the the energetic space and adding protection before we begin. There are many ways in which we can this physically and mentally. I am sure if you are familiar with any type of ceremony you might have other ways to add to this which feel good and right for you.

When working alone in a limited time frame I like to envision me and my space encircled in salt. You could also add a pentagram and call in the corners. I also like to envision being in a bubble of white light. We might have our personal altars set up with the elements which would be beneficial to the creation at hand. 😉 This might include candles, gems, oils, incense and so forth.

Step 3 Raise Your Vibration. We are going to use our sexual energy using breath and body awareness while stimulating ourselves manually. This is where in Make Love for Peace things get fun! As you feel the energy rising keep focused on your desire and do your best to intensify the energy as much as you can until you are ready to release. For more information on how to do this see our courses and the Make Love for Peace Book.

Step 4 Image your vision. Get a clear vision in your mind. Bring the feeling of a socially just, sustainable, loving world into your heart space. Keep seeing and feeling your desire as you continue to raise your vibration. If your visualization skills aren’t that good yet, the most important thing is the feeling of a just world. What does it feel like to whole communities supporting each other for sustainable growth? What does it feel like to live in a world where, we all contribute to meeting each others needs in a healthy way? What does the feeling of liberation feel like? Get clear…crystal…clear, ya hear? 😉

Step 5 Release the Desire. Let it go right at the moment of orgasm, send it off to merge and grow with the collective consciousness of other like minded people. You can repeat your magical word(s) out loud. This might be a little harder for some men to achieve. Remember that you do not need to ejaculate to have an orgasm. If you have sexual impotency issues or psychological issues that inhibit your ability to climax, then you can use the other methods described in the book to raise and release your vibration.

Step 6 Trust the Uni-Verse and feel the sense of satisfaction, relaxation and bliss of accomplishing your goal. Allow yourself to be guided into what personal actions you can take, but know the Uni-Verse is arranging the melodies of our Collective Conscious desires.

Step 7 Stay in the Love. Be grateful and thankful that we do live in an abundant Uni-verse. Thank the Gods and Goddesses that participate with you co-creating a peaceful and loving world and for it already being so! Blessed be.