Tantric Chakra Yoga

There are 7 main energy centers in the body, called Chakra’s. They are spinning wheels of light in different frequencies and when in good health they create specific colour hues. When these energy centers are aligned and in balance we can be in harmony with the universal flow of energy. This helps us to be more focused, grounded and pointed in the right direction.

In each session we will focus our Yoga practice on a different chakra. We will incorporate teachings about the physical and emotional connections. We will go over postures, mantra’s, mudras and meditations that are specific for each energy center or chakra.

​Classes are conducted via skype in the privacy of your home.

$25/per class or all 7 for $140

Tantric Chakra Yoga

My introduction to Yoga started in 2000 with chanting and meditation. I have been doing my own physical yoga practice since 2006. I have taken Amma’s I am Meditation as well as The Art of Living. After being in Mexico in 2009 and attending Yoga classes at the local community center, I did some volunteer teaching there to help the local food bank. I decided in 2009 to take a Yoga instructor course and get my certification. I continue to study in various yogic traditions mainly Hatha, Kundalini and Tantric. I really enjoy doing my own yoga practice every day, it has made a huge difference in my health and well-being.

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