Sacred Sexuality and Tantric Practices

Make Love for Peace’s Sacred Sexuality and Tantric Practices will help you,

Connect deeper with yourself and others.

Learn how to gain control over your Mental, Emotional and Physical states, using Eye gazing, chakra work, breath work, and body awareness exercises.

Sessions are usually done in person but can also be done over skype.

Free 1/2 hour Intro phone session.

Coaching $300 per 2 hour session or a 5 session package for $1400

Sacred Sexuality - Tantric Practices

Cherie works with couples and singles of all orientations.



Participate in Make Love for Peace Day

Please register, so we can know how many people are participating in the Make Love for Peace virtual event. This helps us to gauge our impact on our communities and the world. Once you register you will receive your affirmations and manifesting ritual.

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