What is the Day Out of Time?

Yellow Crystal Star

Here is a little information to help you understand why July 25th is called the day out of time. It comes from living and following the Galatic Calendar which is based on the 13 month lunar calendar, and 1 void day, a rest, a day of no work, focused on peace.

Celebrating “Peace Thru Culture” on this day we will add our Peace prayers and orgasmic intentions with with over 90 countries around the globe!

This is a day for sacred pause and celebration before the dawning of The Galactic New Year which is always July 26th!
Around the Planet, the Day Out Of Time is reserved for festival and community, celebration of being alive, and the experience of true timelessness.
Central focuses of The Day out of Time are: Planetary Peace through Culture * Universal Forgiveness * “Time is Art!” * Atonement * Freeing of Debts * Purification * the Art of Peace *

The Day out of Time is also GLOBAL WATER APPRECIATION DAY!
Dr. Masaru Emoto, the water messenger, was a strong supporter of the 13 Moon Galactic Calendar, and he created the Global Water Appreciation Day on July 25 to coincide with the annual Day Out of Time, Peace through Culture festival.

I was first introduced to this calendar in 2012 when the universe was calling me to create the Make Love for Peace project. It is based on Mayan/ Toltec calendar and you can find out your own Cosmic Signature at the website, http://www.13moon.com
Red Cosmic Moon is the next cycle we are entering into.

My Cosmic signature is the White Galactic Dog so my tribe is the White Dog Tribe with the key attributes of LOVE, HEART and LOYALTY.

The gift of the White Galactic Dog is to be an emissary of the One Heart ~ a truth-seeker and truth-teller ~ a conscious navigator of the emotional realms ~ an angel of self-love, acceptance, faithfulness, devoted friendship and exalted relationship. As a White Dog you have the capacity to learn how to let your heart guide you through life; to be loyal to your own truth; to be empathically skillful; to be a voice of universal, holy love as the all-curing medicine of our times; to be a servant and leader in your circles and communities; to unify with your companions of destiny and soul-family, bringing together the tribes in order to evolve and thrive; to radiate the authenticity and tender, invincible light of your ever-deepening heart!

Please check out our facebook group and join the event, https://www.facebook.com/events/448716038926156

A Prayer for dealing with Sadness and Depression

Dealing with Sadness, Greif, and Depression.

My heart is Broken and my dreams smashed into a million pieces.

Here is a personalized version of a prayer for dealing with emotions like sadness, grief, and depression.

No more spiritual bypassing.



In the energy of all that is:

I am ONE with PURE LOVE, which is our nurturing creator.  I have the POWER and PRESENCE of Love surging through my whole being. I am filled with love and joy in all ways.

I have the POWER to overcome sadness through self- love and knowing I am filled with love. I step outside of the belief of denial that I put into my heart and touch and feel the pain of my experiences past and present.  I move within to resolve my issues by understanding my feelings and knowing that I am empowered as I deal with the darkness that has accumulated throughout my life.

I trust the Spirit of Love and Light. I am open and available to the healing that happens naturally as I deal with the negative feelings that do not serve me. I examine, feel and release the feelings that have been trapped causing a state of sadness.

I let myself be conscious of my feelings and know that I don’t have to force or repress my pain.  I allow the healing process to begin by accepting that I hurt.  I allow myself to cry as my tears wash away the pain, and the same tears express the abundance of joy and relief.  I deal with my sadness through the mastery of self-knowing. I am safe in the arms of the Beloved and I know that I am loved.

I reach forward into NOW and pull myself into this moment knowing that I deserve to live fully in joy and abundance.  I allow myself the time to resolve my deeply rooted feelings that have been denied, knowing that as I do I am loving myself and living fully and completely.

For more information on how to move through grief, sadness, and depression, check out our Heart Healing Course.

Love Cherie

Inspired by Dr. Diva Verdun