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A Prayer for dealing with Sadness and Depression

Dealing with Sadness, Greif, and Depression.

My heart is Broken and my dreams smashed into a million pieces.

Here is a personalized version of a prayer for dealing with emotions like sadness, grief, and depression.

No more spiritual bypassing.



In the energy of all that is:

I am ONE with PURE LOVE, which is our nurturing creator.  I have the POWER and PRESENCE of Love surging through my whole being. I am filled with love and joy in all ways.

I have the POWER to overcome sadness through self- love and knowing I am filled with love. I step outside of the belief of denial that I put into my heart and touch and feel the pain of my experiences past and present.  I move within to resolve my issues by understanding my feelings and knowing that I am empowered as I deal with the darkness that has accumulated throughout my life.

I trust the Spirit of Love and Light. I am open and available to the healing that happens naturally as I deal with the negative feelings that do not serve me. I examine, feel and release the feelings that have been trapped causing a state of sadness.

I let myself be conscious of my feelings and know that I don’t have to force or repress my pain.  I allow the healing process to begin by accepting that I hurt.  I allow myself to cry as my tears wash away the pain, and the same tears express the abundance of joy and relief.  I deal with my sadness through the mastery of self-knowing. I am safe in the arms of the Beloved and I know that I am loved.

I reach forward into NOW and pull myself into this moment knowing that I deserve to live fully in joy and abundance.  I allow myself the time to resolve my deeply rooted feelings that have been denied, knowing that as I do I am loving myself and living fully and completely.

For more information on how to move through grief, sadness, and depression, check out our Heart Healing Course.

Love Cherie

Inspired by Dr. Diva Verdun