MLFP – Law of Attraction Workshops

Make Love for Peace Playshops

These Playshops utilizing the Law of Attraction and other fundamental laws of creation are laid out in a way where we can focus on creating the life we desire in each of the four main areas of our lives. Being fulfilled in our lives enables us to be better at what we do and how we show up in the world.

Creating Consciously

Creating Consciously is the first course In the Make Love for Peace Series. Creating Consciously will give the you the tools to create your life on purpose and by design. Based on Quantum Physics, Creating Consciously explores the metaphysical world and how thoughts become things, affected by our emotions. This law of attraction workshop follows 7 main laws that lead to the perfect square of lIfe as laid out in the book “The Game of Life and How to Play it by Florence Scovel Shinn” There are great experiential exercises included so you can really know, energy follows thought! The metaphysical understanding this course offers, lays the base for the rest of the work. You will really know, through experience that energy follows thought!

Manifesting Magic

Manifesting Magic is a 5 week Coaching Course and Mentoring Program and the second in the Make Love For Peace Series in which we will cover, through the acronym of MAGIC, 5 Keys to a Balanced Life. Each week we will focus on a new Key and how to implement them into our lives.

We will also learn about:

∞ Holding the Vision

∞ Re-framing our Thinking

Manifesting Examples

∞ Manifestation Techniques

∞ Scientific proof that thoughts create matter & effect our universe

∞ Suggested Readings for each of these Key areas.

Sacred Touch Snuggle Party and Playshop

A Sacred Touch Snuggle Party is the third in a series of manifesting workshops and relationship courses that are offered for those wanting to take the Make Love for Peace work to the next level. Explore intimacy and boundaries in a safe, guided environment. This course explores the themes in Chapters 1 & 2 “Loving Yourself” and “Loving Others” of the Make Love for Peace Book.



blowing star dust

Manifesting Magic

Manifesting Magic

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Mastering the Elements